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Panda Free Antivirus: A free and basic security solution

Panda Free Antivirus is a free security solution that keeps your Windows device protected against digital threats. It offers real-time protection and uses an advanced data system to identify and quarantine infected files and folders. Panda Free Antivirus comes equipped with a USB cleaner and daily-limit VPN, and also functions as a cloud antivirus to protect users from the latest threats. The free version of the software isn’t limited to Windows and is also available for download on Mac devices.

What is Panda Free Antivirus?

Nowadays, many digital threats can compromise your assets, data, and privacy. And these viruses continue to evolve regularly. From secret trojans and encrypted malware to browser hijackers, they are diverse. Once they find a way to slip into your computer, they can do serious damage. To protect your device from malware, your first line of action becomes prevention.

Developed by Panda Security, the Panda Free Antivirus software provides solid defense and prevents malware and viruses from sneaking into your computer. The protection software regularly scans for threats and continues to run in the background to offer real-time protection. It also cleans USBs the moment they’re detected, runs cloud scanning when you’re online, and offers daily VPN for a limited amount of data usage.

Comes with a clean interface

One of the great features of this antivirus protection tool is that it has a clean and beginner-friendly user interface. The software opens up to a desktop-sized window with an image of a lake and mountain. In case you don’t like the primary image of the interface, you can replace it with another. Image aside, the window is quite essential and displays the security status of your device and ten buttons that perform different functions.

When you tap on the scan icon, you get the option to perform different scan types, including custom, full, and critical. Apart from performing manual scans, Panda Free Antivirus for laptop lets you configure protection settings, review recent activity, schedule automatic scans, and check all quarantined files and apps. You can also use this section to enter into a game or multimedia mode without impacting performance.

Provides real-time protection

Panda Free Antivirus download protects devices by employing an advanced database that it refers to for any threats. This means that when your device runs unknown files, the software provides real-time protection by blocking them for up to 30 seconds. During this period, the antivirus program accesses the Panda cloud to receive a verdict on whether or not the file is a threat.

While you can cut the delay by 20 seconds, it’s better to wait than compromise security. Additionally, the program lets users run on-demand scans. An aspect to keep in mind is that full scans can take several hours to complete. So if you’re in a hurry, you should opt for a quick or a custom scan only. The antivirus software also gives you an option to schedule scans for when you’re away from your device.

Offers an advanced process monitor

Panda Free Antivirus offers enhanced computer security with the help of a process monitor. Similar to a Task Manager, it shows a list of all processes that have been active on your system since you installed the program. This list highlights their security status, digital signature, download date, and the number of HTTP connections they’ve opened. In case of a malware attack, this information can help you find the source of the infection.

Automatically checks all USBs

Unlike other free antivirus software programs, this security solution comes with a USB protection feature. This functionality is unique because it essentially scans and vaccinates all USB devices that come in contact with your computer. Though this function is by default disabled, you can enable it to keep your Windows computer safe from flash drive viruses.

Comes with a VPN

Another feature worth mentioning is the addition of a free VPN that protects you from hackers present on the web. However, the catch is that the functionality comes with a daily data limit of 150MB. It’s better than nothing, though. You can select from a list of 23 countries and choose the exit node to browse anonymously anytime you want. In case you want unlimited access, you will have to upgrade to the premium version of the software.

Is Panda Free Antivirus good?

Panda Antivirus protects devices with the help of three overlapping security options. The program scans every new file for known malware, while a monitor keeps tabs on the file’s behavior and code. If the tool comes across anything suspicious, it uploads it to the company’s online lab. This scanning work continues throughout the day and collects information on how you use your device and when you access the internet.

While these three screens protect you from threats before they happen, you don’t get an option of opting out of this user data collection process. However, you can turn some features off to block unnecessary interruptions. Instead of daily scanning, you can schedule weekly or monthly scans as per your preference.

Is Free Antivirus enough?

Panda Free Antivirus only scratches the surface when it comes to computer security. In case you want more protection, you can opt for Panda Dome, a commercial plan that offers an enhanced security suite consisting of banking protection, parental controls, data encryption, additional anti-ransomware, password management, and unlimited VPN.

Are there any alternatives?

Though Panda Antivirus provides effective security, it does quarantine files that aren’t threats, making it a little complicated for non-technical users. Therefore, if you’re looking for alternatives, you should check out Avast Free Antivirus, Bitdefender Free, and Windows Defender.

Enhanced security features for online safety

Panda Free Antivirus goes beyond traditional antivirus protection to keep you safe from online threats. It incorporates advanced cloud technologies, heuristic methods, and behavioral protection to identify and remove previously unknown viruses quickly. With its constant updates, you can be confident that Panda Free Antivirus will protect you from the latest threats, ensuring a secure browsing experience.

Lightweight and efficient performance

Despite its extensive features, Panda Free Antivirus is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring that your device's performance remains unaffected. It has been recognized for its efficiency in various performance tests conducted by reputable labs such as AV-Comparatives. This means you can enjoy comprehensive protection without compromising your device's speed and functionality.

User-friendly interface for easy navigation

Panda Free Antivirus boasts a user-friendly interface, designed to make navigation and configuration seamless for even the most inexperienced users. The clean layout and easy-to-understand options allow you to customize your antivirus settings effortlessly, ensuring optimal protection for your device.

Integrated security news and rescue kit

Stay informed about the latest security threats and best practices with the integrated security news feature in Panda Free Antivirus. Additionally, the software comes with a rescue kit that helps you recover your computer from infections, ensuring that you can quickly restore your device to a safe state in the event of a serious malware attack.

Should I download Panda Free Antivirus?

If you want a basic antivirus program that protects you from viruses, spyware, and malware, you should download Panda Free Antivirus. Its main goal is to block threats, so your device is safe and protected. The program does just that via multiple scanning options as well as real-time cloud-based protection. The only drawback is that it requires you to share your device usage information. In case that's alright with you, you can easily get effective protection at no cost.

Panda Free Antivirus keeps your PC free from viruses and malware. Light, secure, easy and 100% free

Panda Free Antivirus protects you while you work, play, or browse the Internet. It provides essential security for your PC, including real-time protection against viruses, spyware, and all kinds of threats. It leverages advanced cloud technologies, as well as heuristic technologies and behavioral protection to detect and remove unknown viruses. Thanks to its intensive use of the cloud, Panda Free Antivirus is always up to date and ready to prevent new infections in a very short period of time.

The product includes vaccination of USB drives, advanced tools such as a process monitor, and a rescue kit to recover computers from infections. Additionally, it provides security news integrated into the product and free VPN protection (150 MB/day) to secure your privacy by allowing safe and anonymous Internet access.

Panda Free Antivirus is extremely easy to use. Its user interface is designed to make navigating and configuring the product very easy, even for the most inexperienced users. 

Additionally, it is extremely lightweight on device performance, as shown by the product’s results in the latest performance tests carried out by prestigious labs such as AV-Comparatives.

Panda Free Antivirus is a simple, reliable, and lightweight product. Plus, it is completely free.


  • Offers real-time protection
  • Has a clean interface
  • Comes with a USB cleaner
  • Allows daily VPN access


  • Limited security and features

Program available in other languages

Panda Free Antivirus for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 22.01.01
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

User reviews about Panda Free Antivirus

  • MD Asifur Rahman

    by MD Asifur Rahman

    it seems easier to use than any other antivirus. it seems lighter than any other antivirus for computer.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I use this and i go to nasty web sites.
    it is a great antivirus . it has resolved viruses that norton and mcaffes and others could even find.  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Does not load on XP, .
    Does not load on XP, No good to me. What else is there to say. It does not load on XP.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    great software!.
    great software. I recommend it, it is very light and fast against attacks !

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Very BAD!!!!! .
    I went to download Panda Free Antivirus, Befor i could even download it to use it, It Crashed. Pluse it mad More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Click on the banner - PROTECTED. You will then be able to set up automatic.
    Click on the banner - PROTECTED. You will then be able to set up a More


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